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Hi Kerrie
First of all I would like to thank you for your hospitality, kindness and professional approach. Katrien and I felt very much at ease and enjoyed our trip to the maximum. Even without the 2 magnificent trophies I managed to shoot and the bonus muntjac, the experience would have been equally nice and satisfactory.
We have already recommended HDMG to friends but needless to say you will see us around again soon. Probably for some more muntjac next time. 
We'll keep you posted about our next visit. Keep up the good work and take care!

All the best,
Filip & Katrien

Hi Kerrie,
Just wanted to say thanks again for Saturday and your help leading up to the day, i thoroughly enjoyed it! Great people and banter and of course we were in luck on the day too. Please send my thanks to Kit for his patience and guidance throughout the afternoon, he really set me at ease and helped make the day what it was. I left a few quid behind the bar for him for couple of beers so i hope he got it. :)

I would recommend you guys in a heart beat and hopefully when funds allow i'd like to come back again in the not too distant future (if you'll have me!).

All the best,

Mark M.  (Suffolk)

Dear Kerrie & Mark   

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the time and patience you showed to Jack last week when he went out on his first stalk. Although he already knew how to handle a rifle and was a confident shot it is still quite a daunting experience at 16 to make sure it is in range, make sure it's safe and make sure it's going to be a clean shot and Kit and Eddie were very patient. I think the smile on his face on the photos speaks for itself and the first thing he wanted to do was re-book to go out again.  Jack has never enjoyed school and struggles with many lessons because of his dyslexia so it was marvellous that he shot more than Andy over the weekend and demonstrated such skill and discipline. We really do appreciate all you did to introduce him to stalking so professionally.  
Jenny (Derbyshire)

Hockham Deer Management Group are a top quality organisation, they can meet the needs of any Stalker, they are very friendly group of people who have a wealth of information regarding Deer and Deer management. They have a great setup from the accommodation at the local Inn, and some of the finest land to stalk and superb location high seats overlooking some great Norfolk countryside.
Its not all about shooting a Deer its the experience gained, but I have to say I have never come away without something for the freezer.(Thanks Kerrie & Mark)
A top quality service many times, and always a pleasure. 
Andy C. ( Maldon, Essex )

I first encountered Hockham Deer Management Group when I was in the process of trying to stalk all six British deer species during the course of a year. Undaunted by a very tight time scale Kerrie managed to source some superb Sika stalking for my party in Dorset and then hosted us for Muntjac in Norfolk. Kerrie and Mark pulled out all the stops for us and we bagged the deer we were after in the nick of time.
Friendly and hospitable with masses of quality stalking on the door step (last visit I saw Red, Roe, Muntjac and Fallow all on one stalk!) Hockham DMG offer excellent value for money, and great service. I always look forward to returning.

Dom Holtham, Sporting Shooter magazine

I found Mark and Kerrie through the BASC list of approved witnesses for DSC level 2.
I have always enjoyed stalking in Norfolk, so made contact with a view to possibly undertaking the qualification through them.
They were a superb find; Friendly, very knowledgeable and always helpful. I learned a great deal from them. The whole experience, culminating in passing the qualification was a real high point in over 35 years of shooting.
Mark was my assessor, and handled the whole issue of instruction and assessment in a very thorough and professional manner.
My daughter has recently started stalking and will soon be training with Kerrie. I really cannot recommend Hockham DMG highly enough.
Paul C, Bucks