Meet the Team

Meet the Team With an experienced team of Field Operators HDMG was able maximise the sporting potential by offering quality deer stalking whilst minimising crop damage for the landowners benefit. The HDMG team are trained in Live Capture and are able to offer a valuable service and support to Deer Farmers and Deer Parks across the country. Red Deer Stalking - Norfolk & Scotland Roe Deer Stalking - Norfolk & Dorset Sika Deer Stalking - Dorset Fallow Deer Stalking - Norfolk Muntjac Deer Stalking - Norfolk, Chinese Water Deer Stalking - Bedfordshire

Red Deer Stalking - Norfolk & Scotland Roe Deer Stalking - Norfolk & Dorset Sika Deer Stalking - Dorset Fallow Deer Stalking - Norfolk Muntjac Deer Stalking - Norfolk, Chinese Water Deer Stalking - Bedfordshire deer Hockham Deer Management Group HDMG Deer Management Service Landowners Advisory Management Crop protection Forestry Farming Wild deer

Meet the Team

Mark Jackson – Founder & HDMG Director (2004-2013)

Amongst one of the most experienced Deer Managers in the UK, Mark's practical and managerial experience spanned over 30 years in the deer industry. In 2004 Mark brought a long term ambition to fruition by starting Hockham Deer Management Group. Mark developed HDMG for the next 9 years, building a team, laying strong foundations and making it into a successful and respected part of the greater deer management community.  Sadly Mark passed away in 2013 but he handed over the reins to Kerrie. With the outstanding support of the HDMG team, Kerrie has continued to build on Mark’s dream and by sticking to Mark’s ethos, HDMG continues to flourish today. 

Deer stalking

Kerrie Jackson – HDMG Director  

Starting at HDMG in 2005 Kerrie has seen the business develop first hand and benefitted greatly by learning from and supporting Mark as he developed and grew HDMG, whilst Mark benefitted from Kerrie’s administrative experience and her organisational skills ensuring that the HDMG office ran smoothly. Succeeding Mark in 2013 Kerrie was determined that she and the team would honour his legacy and continue with the professionalism and dedication that makes HDMG a top tier operation. Mark knew that attention to detail and unfailing customer care had to come as standard. The number of clients who continue to return year after year is testament to this philosophy and a source of great pride to Kerrie and the team. 

Martin Kitchen – Operations Manager

As one of the small group that Mark gathered around him before HDMG was conceived, “Kit” has been involved in all aspects of the group’s activities and growth right from the beginning up to the present day. He is an integral part of organising stalking parties, managing the shoots’ facilities, arranging HDMG corporate and marketing events, and everything in between, from building bridges to BBQ’s. 
Kit’s dedication and loyalty supported Mark throughout the years and now Kerrie is enjoying that same support as HDMG moves forward.


Hockham Deer

Eddie Hurman – Field Operations Co-ordinator

Initially an HDMG client, Eddie completed our Field Operator training course in 2007 enabling him to become a valued member of our Field Operator team. Over the years Eddie has dedicated more of his time and taken on more responsibilities to support Kerrie & Kit through the  transition period.  Eddie is responsible for trophy preparation and ‘lifting heavy things!’

Hockham Deer

Dave Russell – Senior Field Operator & DSC2 Approved Witness

Dave joined the team in 2006,  and was already a well respected member of the deer management community; his experience with Park deer as well as wild deer has earned his position as our Live Capture Specialist. Dave’s quiet and calming manner makes him a perfect  candidate  as a DSC2  Approved Witness ensuring he is able to firmly and fairly assess the candidates through their DSC2 journey.


Nick Simmons – Senior Field Operator

Nick joined HDMG in 2007, he was initially an HDMG client and completed our Field Operator Training Course  to become a valued member of the HDMG team. Nicks military and shooting experience enables him to offer support and advice in both shooting techniques and  rifle selection. 

Hockham Deer

Paul Roberts - Field Operator

Phil Hays-Nowak - Field Operator

Max – Head of Lost Property (2002 - 2015)

Hockham Deer

Hockham Deer

Tikka - Head of Lost Property

Hockham Deer