KNZ Wild Mineral Licks

KNZ licks are suitable for Park, Farm & Wild deer and will supplement the salt and minerals a deer may be lacking in its natural diet and therefore promote good antler development & fertility, healthy bones & teeth and general good health. KNZ licks can be positioned on fence posts around a deer park, farm or estate, the deer will find the blocks and return to them as and when they need to supplement their natural diet. KNZ KNZ Wild Mineral Licks KNZ Licks KNZ blocks Wild Deer Park deer Farm deer Salt licks for deer mineral blocks Salt blocks nutrition deer health

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KNZ Deer Licks - 'The right lick for the right purpose'

KNZ Wild Deer Mineral Licks

While normal forage provides the general needs for wild deer, KNZ deer licks supply the individual needs for salt and minerals that may be lacking in a deers natural diet. To produce a top grade trophy or breeding animal demands that the animal reaches it's maximum genetic capability. For an animal to reach this peak depends on three fundamental requirements. Good Genetics, Good Feeding and Good Management. Many cases of poor performance can be attributed to one simple problem. a deficiency of one or more essential minerals or trace elements. KNZ licks will provide the animal with the essential minerals lacking and therefore promote good antler development, fertility, healthy bones and teeth and general good health.

KNZ Licks - Pere David deer


Maintains water, acid and alkali balance and plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system and muscle contraction.

Stimulates milk yield and therefore calf performance and is very important to prevent grass tetany. Ensures normal muscle contraction and nerve impulses.

Important for the development of good bone structure and antler development. An increase in phosphor ensures a swift recuperation after calving.

Stimulates fertility, prevents muscle disturbances, improves general health and increases the efficiency of Iodine.

Necessary for the formation of bones, antler, teeth and genitalia.

promotes the functioning of all the organs and tissues, and plays an important role in oxygen transportation and oxidation.

Plays a vital role in metabolism.

Essential for the effective functioning of the thyroid gland, which has a positive effect on the animal's growth and development. Sufficient Iodine provision is especially important for pregnant hinds and does, as it increases the chance of bearing healthy calves/kids/fawns.

Essential for the effective development of hide, bone and antler. Zinc is a component of various enzyme systems which plays an important role in digestion.

Plays a role in the synthesis of vitamin B12, needed for the production of red blood cells, and therefore reduces the likelihood of anaemia.

KNZ Mineral Licks

We recommend that for wild deer the blocks are nailed to a tree stump or fence post (as above). You can see how the deer have licked the stump beneath the lick resulting in an extremely shiny and smooth surface. The idea of attaching it to a post/stump means that the flavour is less concentrated than licking directly on the block and the smaller deer can still reach to get the benefits of the nutrients in the licks.

Mineral Composition

Natrium Chloride   (Salt)less than 98%
Trace Elements: 
Copper2500  mg/kg
Zinc800  mg/kg
Iron700  mg/kg
Cobalt 250 mg/kg
Iodine50 mg/kg
Selenium25  mg/kg
Unit Weight:10 kg


Individual KNZ Lick   -  £13.50 per lick
                                 (+£9.95 p&p per 1 or 2 Licks)

1 x Pallet                   -  £13.00 per lick 
(56 x KNZ licks)             (plus delivery)

2 or more pallets      -  £12.50 per lick 
                                      (plus delivery)
4 or more pallets      -  £12.00 per lick
                                      (plus delivery)

To order or for more information on delivery prices please email   or          Tel:  07894833165

For further information, or technical advice regarding the use of  KNZ Deer Health Products, please contact  Kerrie Jackson by Email or Tel: 07894833165