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Rifle range instruction

Introduction to deer stalking course

Carcase Preparation - Deer stalking novice course

Butchering - Introduction to deer stalking course

For those people who are thinking about giving Deer Stalking a try this is a perfect place to start.
This practical course will give you a background knowledge on the six wild species of deer in Britian and an insight into how and why we stalk deer. Firearms safety will be covered both in the classroom and at the range, with expert instruction and tuition. You will be given the opportuntiy to observe, stalk and shoot deer with a fully trained guide on a 1-1 basis. You will also be shown what to do once a deer has been shot and how to safely and hygenically prepare the deer for human consumption.The course will give the candidates a taster of all aspects of deer stalking and provide a relaxed but practical and informative experience for newcomers to the sport. A maximum of 6 candidates allows us to give a more personal and hands on approach.

'A very rewarding experience for a novice stalker.'

'Very enjoyable course. Friendly, helpful, knowledgable staff all round. Every effort made to make you feel one of the group. Time taken to ensure levels of experience grasped every concept covered.'

'Excellent event - would love to come back.'

'The staff were friendly & considerate.'

'Enjoyable & informative.'

To apply or for further information please contact Kerrie
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Introduction to Deer Stalking Course

Rifle Range Instruction

Deer Stalking Course

Deer Stalking Novice course

Gralloching lesson - Novice deer stalking course

Deer carcase preparation

Carcase preparation for deer

Skinning Deer

Butchering deer